Poppy and paella

Today I was walking in the rain and watching little boats floating in dark green water. And I was thinking about all those kind words we've recently heard from you. That is actually the best part of creating a magazine :) And thank you for that.

But what I wanted to share with you tonight is Keke. A project of Melbourne based artist Kirra Jamison. Keke is inspired by the people Kirra knows, the places they cook, and the food they share. The blog is so very simple and at the same time - so very wonderful! I like the most photos from Poppy's home. Poppy is a florist and probably the best paella chief in Melbourne. Just take a look.

Photo: Kirra Jamison
via Keke

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  1. I love this individual home, so colourful and full of nice vintage pieces. And the pictures really have a lot of atmosphere!