Sense photography

The works of Dietlind Wolf, visual designer and prop stylist based in Hamburg, drive me crazy. Dietlind works for many famous magazines, mostly focusing on food styling, but I love the most the pictures she makes herself for some reason, like the upcoming Spring, or for no reason at all, simply catching a moment, a mood, a sense. And yes, I feel extremely happy about her contribution for the Spring issue of Llamas' valley. You can find it on page 22.

via Dietlind's blog

Photo: Dietlind Wolf
Styling concept: Dietlind Wolf
Photo: Julia Hoersch

Photo: Dietlind Wolf
Photo: Dietlind Wolf
Styling concept and calligraphy: Dietlind Wolf
Photo: Julia Hoersch
Styling: Dietlind Wolf
Photo: Christine Bauer
Colourconcept and styling: Dietlind Wolf
Photo: Torsten Suedfels
Food: Achim Ellmer
Colorconcept and styling: Dietlind Wolf
Food: Roland Geiselmann
Photo: Carsten Eichner
Photo assistance: Indra Ohlemutz 

Photo: Dietlind Wolf


  1. I love her styling, I featured her few times on my blog, so beautiful...

  2. very beautiful pictures

  3. I love her blog. Could stare at those photos for a long long time.. :)

    1. Well great news - I'm preparing a new post about Dietlind right now! :))