A jumper for a chair

Though Spring is on my mind at the moment, I can't control my thoughts when it comes to beautiful knitted things. Especially some solid knitted things. Like the ones textile designer Claire-Anne O'Brien creates. Originally from Ireland, Claire-Anne has graduated from the Royal College of Art with a Masters in Textiles. She creates playful and tactile fabrics for interiors. Ok, I'm totally in love with her knit stools (Lambswool and Sheeps wool), her British wool chair that was commissioned for the British Wool Week in 2010, the Modular Stitch with a myriad of seating configurations, and a Chairwear, or jumpers for chairs!

Dear Spring! You'll have to wait a bit...

Find Claire-Anne O'Brien's beauties here.


  1. tobulos - fabulous :)

  2. So fluffy and so pretty! I love them all. Wouldn't even dare to sit on any of those! haha :)

  3. Hey Aukse! I totally adore your website and your blog. And those cute things you create :) And Klaipeda...

  4. Thank you, Llamas! I really love your magazine too, escpecially with a mug of tasty hot cocoa! :)