Work can be fun

I'm absolutely convinced that work can be fun. Maybe not as much fun as having a Holiday, but still... I like working at home. Late in the evening when everybody is falling asleep. With dark sky and bright stars behind my window. Settled cozy in front of my notebook. With a cup of black currant tea. So what does your workplace look like?

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 via Lotta Agaton Photo: Mikael Dobois, styling: Lotta Agaton

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  1. Anonymous28.1.12

    I just discovered you blog and I really like it ... I know, that you just started out, but it always now promisses a lot and so I'm very excited to follow your blog.

    I love working from home, too ... and almost all of my blog posts I write at the late evening, then I usually have the mood for that, beside all the things that are going on during the day ... but anyway having a nice place to work makes it even prettier and I got more inspired by it as well.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Thank you for your nice words Lysann! I've actually been following your blog for some time too! So I guess it's time to start working? :)

  3. Great find for me! i like that your taste in design is the fine line between minimalistic/classical/not too bohemian/fresh.

    Also, can you please share the name of the font you used for
    "perfect places-imperfect people"? Its stuck in my head :)

    Thanks for your work!