Chocolate. The process.

I simply can't resist chocolate... So when I came discovered "The Makers", an amazingly cool project by Brooklyn based photographer Jennifer Causey, I knew I have to share it with you. The sweet part of it actually... 

The Mast Brothers, Michael and Rick, along with their staff, create bean to bar hand-crafted chocolate. The process begins by using the best cacao in the world. It ends with delicious chocolate hand-wrapped in beautiful papers, designed by family and friends. The chocolate is made using only two ingredients, cacao and cane sugar. They are made even more special by adding unique items such as fleur de sel and Stumptown coffee beans. The work environment is very important at Mast Brothers, and a staff meal is shared daily. 

via The Makers

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  1. Tai ką jie daro yra be proto žavu. Tokį šokoladą tūkstantį kartu yra maloniau valgyt.:}